Really, one more thing?

One more thing

I am a working mom. My husband of 20 years and I have two teenage children– a 13 year old dancer and a 16 year old gamer. I have a highly rewarding and very demanding job that I happily give almost 50 hours a week to. I make some attempt to keep order in my home, shop for a lot of groceries, prepare at least one meal a day, and occasionally call my mother.

My life is full and busy.

I don’t really need one more thing.

But, as I’ve grown as a crafter, as I’ve learned more techniques and find myself drawn to my craft room more often, as I’ve become an eavesdropping member of the paper crafts blog community, I find myself drawn to creating my own blog. I’m ready to share some of what I make. I want to be able to take on a challenge and comment on other crafter’s work.

So, here I am. With one more thing.


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